…have a delicious weekend

cranberry white chocolate bars / cherry vanilla layer cake

happy friday everyone!!  i hope you have plans to enjoy your weekend (staying home relaxing counts).  as for me…i am headed off to visit family in Houston, for a baby shower!  for those of you running around, prepping for Valentine’s on tuesday, maybe the cranberry bars or cherry vanilla cake will help you decide on something to bake for your sweetheart…or maybe, just something to bake for yourself!  also check out this virtual Valentine’s party for 12 holiday themed treats.  have a great weekend!

…cook your own steakhouse filet

…i am intrigued.  i will have to try out these carnival cookies

twelfth night cake…anyone heard of this?

…check out martha stewart’s 21 favorite cupcakes

…i love trying out-of-the-box desserts…mini cheesecakes

…banana pudding recipe…layer it in a mason jar for extra yum factor

…i love breakfast, cranberry buttermilk pancakes

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  1. Natachasteven says:

    I like your blog very much!

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